Coffee's on 24/7

Coffee's on 24/7

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Adoptees Writing Contest 2015, 3rd Place Winner, Lyn Rowley, Dear Birth Mom

Dear Birth Mom,
I don’t really know much about you. I don’t even know your first name.  But I do know that on May 14, 1952 you gave birth to a baby boy in Lodi, Ohio.  It was weeks before your due date and I don’t know what the emergency was, but you had a C-Section and delivered a very small little boy that you decided to give up for adoption.  He was in an incubator and spent several weeks being cared for by the nurses at the hospital who named him “Jimmy-Joe” after the two doctors who had delivered him.  One of those nurses had a cousin that she knew wanted desperately to add to her family since she was unable to have another child.  She got in touch with them and on June 12, 1952 that baby became their son.  Twenty years later, I met that boy and fell in love with him. Two years later, I married him.  Forty one years later, I still love him.  While I am sad that you never got to know him, I am so thankful for your gift of life that you gave to him when you said yes to adoption.  Did you imagine who he might have become?  Wonder about his new family?  Pray for him?  I will never have the answer to these questions because my husband, your son, does not want to find you.  If it were my choice, we would seek you out.  I want you to know that I pray for you every day.  In my dreams, in a very beautiful wonderful place, I see you running towards your boy and he knows immediately who you are.  And when he looks into your eyes, he understands.  And this is heaven. ~
 Lyn Rowley- Author
I've been married to my husband Ken for 41 years.   We have two wonderful children and four grandchildren, who are the joy of my life!  I love scrap booking, reading and journaling.  I have been writing a blog ( for the last two years and have made many connections around the world through those posts.  I love sharing about Jesus and how He touches my everyday life.
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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter & Me, A Memoir- New book by an Adoptee Mom who adopted a daughter

I am excited to announce this new book I just ordered from Amazon- Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me, a Memoir!  Like many adoptees and others- I LOVE Anne of Green Gables and have identified with her sentiments, feelings and quotes in Lucy Maude Montgomery's classic book, a best seller that never seems to loose its charm with moms and daughters through the decades!  I connected with Lorilee some  years back by e-mail when I saw she was speaking at a Christian Women's retreat in Michigan, sharing her adoption testimony. She is a believer and  she shares her faith and God's fingerprints in her adoption and her daughter's adoptive story.

Here is a review of this book that just was released this month- August 2015:

 A charming and heartwarming true story for anyone who has ever longed for a place to belong. “Anne of Green Gables,” My Daughter, and Me is a witty romp through the classic novel; a visit to the magical shores of Prince Edward Island; and a poignant personal tale of love, faith, and loss.

And it all started with a simple question: “What’s an orphan?” The words from her adopted daughter, Phoebe, during a bedtime reading of Anne of Green Gables stopped Lorilee Craker in her tracks. How could Lorilee, who grew up not knowing her own birth parents, answer Phoebe’s question when she had wrestled all her life with feeling orphaned—and learned too well that not every story has a happy ending?

So Lorilee set off on a quest to find answers in the pages of the very book that started it all, determined to discover—and teach her daughter—what home, family, and belonging really mean. If you loved the poignancy of Orphan Train and the humor of Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, you will be captivated by “Anne of Green Gables,” My Daughter, and Me. It’s a beautiful memoir that deftly braids three lost girls’ stories together, speaks straight to the heart of the orphan in us all, and shows us the way home at last.~

*Also today September 1st, 2015, On the Christian national radio show- Chris Fabry Live- Lorilee shares about her book and adoption story and her daughters. If you get the book PLEASE be encouraged to post your reviews or what resonated to you as an adoptee when reading Lorilee Craker's book.  Here is the posting from the show. And here is the Link:

Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter, and Me

If you're an Anne of Green Gables fan, you won't want to miss Lorilee Craker's true story of how that novel affected her and her adopted daughter. Find out what home, family and belonging really mean.
***Go to this Link- they often have an audio recording of the show to listen to or to order- and sometimes you have to wait until the next day
Can't wait for the book to arrive in my mailbox in a few days!!!