Coffee's on 24/7

Coffee's on 24/7

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Share God's Fingerprints In Your Adoption, Adoptee Journey


It gives me great joy to hear others who embrace the Christian faith share their adoption testimonies. I am Jody, a reunited adoptee for close to 20 years with birth sisters. I have facilitated adoption triad support groups in the Midwest- ( IL and IN ) for 18 years. I was fortunate to be raised in a loving adoptive home and my adoptive mom became a Christian when I was 10 years old. She has been a beautiful mentor and encouraged me by her example of love, prayers and her servants heart for others. She is now almost 92 years old and I have had the privilege to move with my husband and son to her town in FL this past year. God’s Word has encouraged and sustained me through the questions, doubts and forging my dual identity as an adopted person with adoptive and birth families. There have been difficult emotional times- especially in times of great change, geographical moves and parenting my children, but God has been faithful and blessed me even through those rough passages. A beautiful verse of scripture that God gave to me in a quiet time decades ago was from the book of John in the Bible. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Navigating and finding my birth and adoption story, meeting birth family and gathering the missing pieces of my adopted life have filled in the blank chapters of my earliest days and heritage. And that experience has only strengthened my identity in God, the Lord Jesus Christ. God is my First Father and the only one who has been with me in my conception, my secret life in the womb, at the day of my birth, through my relinquishment to foster care and adoption, and been the sole person with me each and every day of my adoption journey. And His promises assure me that I will live forever with him in eternity- what a loving and faithful Father, Shepherd and Savior! I praise Him for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Praise His Name! Please share your experience, God’s Fingerprints in your journey or a favorite scripture that has resonated with you in your life as one touched by adoption. Blessings and hope to hear from some of you! Jody

Friday, September 26, 2014

Free Book Friday Giveaways for Adoptees, Birth Parents & Adoptive Parents ONLY at Adoptee's Cafe

Announcing Free Book Fridays at Adoptees's Cafe! For Adoptees, Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents Only. My Adoption library book shelves are stacked high with wonderful books! For the past 18 years the collection has been growing and I own multiple copies of a good number of the books. When we moved to Florida a year ago this past June I donated a few boxes of adoption books to the Adoption triad support group I facilitated in the Chicago suburbs for their library. That made a small dent in the numbers of books I owned. So that means I have some beautiful books to give away and they are in great condition- some giftable.  Become a Follower of my blog and post a comment here and mention how you are touched by adoption: Adoptee, Birth Parent/First Parent or Adoptive Parent. Then include the preferred book or item number # from the list below that you are interested in. Giveaways will vary each week. This current giveaway ends next Friday October 3, 2014 at midnight. Encourage others touched by adoption to join in on this fun giveaway that may include Adoption books for adult or kids, DVD's, or some other fun books not of the adoption genre. One of my family members will draw a name for each book and will announce it on the Saturday after. Only one item win per person per weekly giveaway. Sorry not able to ship overseas outside the USA.

(#1 ) Three Names of Me. by Mary Cummings ( children's book ) - NEW
(#2) Gathering the Missing Pieces of An Adopted Life by Kay Moore ( adoptee )-  Like New
(#3)The Gift of Sam by Michelle Thooft (birth mother ) NEW
(#4)  The Story of Moses (DVD ) Charlton Heston Presents the Bible- ( Moses- adoptee )  NEW
(#5) Miniature book-  Smitten with Kittens- NEW



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Adoptee's Praise, A Poem of Thanksgiving to God and My Birth and Adoptive Parents

Here is a poem I wrote some years ago sharing my praise to God, to my birth parents and adoptive parents for Life and adoption.

An Adoptee's Praise  by Jody Moreen

Sovereign Lord, My Great Creator, Maker of Wind and Skies and Sea,

I'm filled with wonder how your loving hands created me, an Adoptee. 
Master Designer, Skillful Potter, your the Life, the Truth, the Way. 
Your love shaped me and it formed me from some still and lifeless clay. 
My First Father, One All Knowing, through Your Love I was conceived.
I was in your plan and in your heart, for it was in me that you believed. 
There in secret, in the darkness you were there when my life took form. 
Inside my birth mom, you hid and sheltered me, kept me safe from every storm. 
God My Maker, Master Artist, Chosen seed of Israel's race, 
You painted colors of the brightest rainbow to reflect in me my birth mom's face. 
Breathed your life in me, Oh Mighty Spirit, One the winds and waves obey. 
Stilled my anxious cries, sought a family, who would a sure foundation lay. 
You heard the weeping of my birth mom, knowing motherhood was not an option. 
You walked beside her, lit a pathway to a plan you called adoption. 
Mighty Anchor, My Protector, I felt adrift in a world so dark. 
Your love, it guided me, like baby Moses, you cradled me safe inside your "ark". 
You went before me, prepared a better way, heard the cries of a woman barren. 
Filled her lifelong dreams, gave her a new hope, Oh you Precious Rose of Sharon! 
You chose a mother, who came to love you, in whom your faith and grace did dwell. 
Through her guidance and caring counsel, she mirrored your love Emmanuel. 
Master Builder, Shaper of Mountains, I trace your blueprint in the sand. 
My adoption shaped me, through loving choices, into a pattern you had planned. 
Holy Spirit, Precious Heavenly Dove, you've caused my heart to cry and sing. 
Your everpresence through my adoption journey has kept me safe beneath your wing! 

Jody Moreen  Copyright 2014 Permission is needed to reprint or publish this poem in any online or printed media. Contact :  jodymoreen ( then the @ sign )