Coffee's on 24/7

Coffee's on 24/7

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Adoptee's Praise, A Poem of Thanksgiving to God and My Birth and Adoptive Parents

Here is a poem I wrote some years ago sharing my praise to God, to my birth parents and adoptive parents for Life and adoption.

An Adoptee's Praise  by Jody Moreen

Sovereign Lord, My Great Creator, Maker of Wind and Skies and Sea,

I'm filled with wonder how your loving hands created me, an Adoptee. 
Master Designer, Skillful Potter, your the Life, the Truth, the Way. 
Your love shaped me and it formed me from some still and lifeless clay. 
My First Father, One All Knowing, through Your Love I was conceived.
I was in your plan and in your heart, for it was in me that you believed. 
There in secret, in the darkness you were there when my life took form. 
Inside my birth mom, you hid and sheltered me, kept me safe from every storm. 
God My Maker, Master Artist, Chosen seed of Israel's race, 
You painted colors of the brightest rainbow to reflect in me my birth mom's face. 
Breathed your life in me, Oh Mighty Spirit, One the winds and waves obey. 
Stilled my anxious cries, sought a family, who would a sure foundation lay. 
You heard the weeping of my birth mom, knowing motherhood was not an option. 
You walked beside her, lit a pathway to a plan you called adoption. 
Mighty Anchor, My Protector, I felt adrift in a world so dark. 
Your love, it guided me, like baby Moses, you cradled me safe inside your "ark". 
You went before me, prepared a better way, heard the cries of a woman barren. 
Filled her lifelong dreams, gave her a new hope, Oh you Precious Rose of Sharon! 
You chose a mother, who came to love you, in whom your faith and grace did dwell. 
Through her guidance and caring counsel, she mirrored your love Emmanuel. 
Master Builder, Shaper of Mountains, I trace your blueprint in the sand. 
My adoption shaped me, through loving choices, into a pattern you had planned. 
Holy Spirit, Precious Heavenly Dove, you've caused my heart to cry and sing. 
Your everpresence through my adoption journey has kept me safe beneath your wing! 

Jody Moreen  Copyright 2014 Permission is needed to reprint or publish this poem in any online or printed media. Contact :  jodymoreen ( then the @ sign )

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