Coffee's on 24/7

Coffee's on 24/7

Friday, September 26, 2014

Free Book Friday Giveaways for Adoptees, Birth Parents & Adoptive Parents ONLY at Adoptee's Cafe

Announcing Free Book Fridays at Adoptees's Cafe! For Adoptees, Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents Only. My Adoption library book shelves are stacked high with wonderful books! For the past 18 years the collection has been growing and I own multiple copies of a good number of the books. When we moved to Florida a year ago this past June I donated a few boxes of adoption books to the Adoption triad support group I facilitated in the Chicago suburbs for their library. That made a small dent in the numbers of books I owned. So that means I have some beautiful books to give away and they are in great condition- some giftable.  Become a Follower of my blog and post a comment here and mention how you are touched by adoption: Adoptee, Birth Parent/First Parent or Adoptive Parent. Then include the preferred book or item number # from the list below that you are interested in. Giveaways will vary each week. This current giveaway ends next Friday October 3, 2014 at midnight. Encourage others touched by adoption to join in on this fun giveaway that may include Adoption books for adult or kids, DVD's, or some other fun books not of the adoption genre. One of my family members will draw a name for each book and will announce it on the Saturday after. Only one item win per person per weekly giveaway. Sorry not able to ship overseas outside the USA.

(#1 ) Three Names of Me. by Mary Cummings ( children's book ) - NEW
(#2) Gathering the Missing Pieces of An Adopted Life by Kay Moore ( adoptee )-  Like New
(#3)The Gift of Sam by Michelle Thooft (birth mother ) NEW
(#4)  The Story of Moses (DVD ) Charlton Heston Presents the Bible- ( Moses- adoptee )  NEW
(#5) Miniature book-  Smitten with Kittens- NEW




Ed & Kris said...

Hi Jody! This is so great! We are adoptive parents and would like to gather some books about adoption for our girls as they grow up. So we'd love to put our names in the hat for a copy of 3 Names of Me. Thank you!

katiejfischer said...

Hi there! I'm an adoptive mom of three boys (3, 18mo, and 6wks). We actually just got placed with the 18mo and baby last month, so we're in the middle of the adoption process again. What makes it special is that they all share a birthmom. I'd love to win a copy of The Gift of Sam, to get a birthmom perspective. Thanks!

Meghan Rivard said...

Good morning!
My husband and I adopted our daughter this past december and would love to start our collection of adoption books. I'd love to win either 3 names of me or the gift of sam. thank you very much!

Becky said...

August 26th we finalized our adoption of a sibling group of three kids. I would love to win any of the first 4 but if I have to choose just one to enter I would prefer the first one "3 Names of Me".

Kimberly Rav said...

Hi! Its Katherine N. from PBS, I saw your post on the RAOK. This is a subject near and dear to my life and heart. I am adopted as well as my brother whom Ive never met yet, both of us were adopted out by the same mother, though in different years. I finally met both my biological parents at the age of 21. I am 41 now. At some point my brother and I will meet but it is a tough one. Anyway glad to have found your blog. I am interested in the book, Smitten with Kittens, hope to win!! Thanks!

Mama of Five said...

We are adoptive parents of two children, now 7 and 10. They were adopted thru the foster care system. I would love to let you select which book that might best be appropriate for our darlings should we be selected. :) Our two have some unseen special needs (emotional/behavioral) and were three or under when adopted. Thank you so much!

Jody Moreen said...

Our First Free Book Friday Giveaway drawing is here. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful response to this new venue on Adoptee's Cafe. Congratulations to all who participated and I have GREAT news- I am awarding ALL of you a book since this is our debut! I had multiple copies of the book most requested so God was good and I can award everyone their desire!! For Ed & Kris- Three Names of Me, Katie Fischer- The Gift of Sam, Meghan Rivard- Three Names of Me, Becky- Three Names of Me, and Kimberly- Smitten With Kittens. Can all of you send me your full name and address and zipcode at my e-mail: jodymoreen ( at sign @ ) I have plans to have regular postings on this blog- so please stay tuned and check in. I also long to have a Book Store for Adoption Books and Gift Items. I am the former Editor of Adoption Blessings Journal a 20 page Christian outreach publication with testimonies, articles, poems and book review by persons on all sides of adoption. I have many copies of these journals and the content is timeless- I would need to charge a postage and handling fee for these.I also do adoption phone mentoring and prayer so if interested, inquire by e-mail. Again- Congratulations to all of you for winning and I would ask that you share about this blog with others touched by adoption. May God bless you in your ongoing Adoption Journeys! Jody~ Blessed to be a Blessing!

Jody Moreen said...

Opps, I also have a book for Mama of Five who entered the drawing and I have the book Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul- inspiring stories by all sides of adoption. Congratualations everyone!

Kimberly Rav said...

Thank you so much Jody!! I cant wait to get the little book! I have 5 new kittens that my mama cat blessed us with. They have all been such a joy and so has the adoption ;) The book will only add to my excited bliss I feel each day with this varments lol. Thanks again!