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Coffee's on 24/7

Friday, October 10, 2014

Free Book Friday Giveaways for Adoptees, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents , October 10, 2014

  It's time for our 2nd Friday Adoption Book Giveaways from Jody's Book Bag. We had a nice response for the 1st giveaway and still awaiting for a couple of the winners to contact me and send me their full name, address and zipcode-  Email me at : jodymoreen ( use the @ sign)  Everyone who posted a comment for our 1st giveaway won and were awarded a book- because it was our 1st Giveaway and also because I owned 3 copies of the Book Three Names of Me which was requested by 3 persons.  So Congratulations to the winners and I hope these books encourage you and your families!
   If anyone has any new/like new books they would like to donate to this giveaway let me know- they are welcome and will bless someone else to read them. Please let others adult adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents or others touched by adoption know about this website and also the Friday Adoption Book Giveaway. I also want to share that I have another website Blog- Adoptees Anchored in Christ that shares faith stories of adult adoptees that give testimony to God's grace, hope and healing in their adoption journeys.
If you read any posts or stories on either of my sites, appreciate your leaving comments. I am available for phone mentoring for a reasonable fee ( not eligible for insurance reimbursement ) and I am knowledgeable on various adoption topics and issues. Feel free to inquire.  For Adult Adoptee women I have a private Facebook called:
Adoptees Anchor/Kindred Spirits so its open to adopted women and one must have a Facebook page to join. For anyone interested, send me an e-mail ( e-mail address above ).

To participate in the drawing- You must sign up to Follow this Blog, then just post a brief comment after this posting and include your name and how you are touched by adoption and the book you would most life if your name is picked as a winner in the drawings. If you don't see your Comment posted right away- don't worry- I have to approve them- so it will show up very soon! SHARE about this site and the Free Book Friday Giveaways for those touched by Adoption- thanks!
Hope you will participate! And good luck!  Just sharing the gifts I have been given- Blessed to be a Blessing!  Jody

1, Adoption Is For Always-  Picture story book for Children- NEW- paperback

2. Chicken Soup For The Adopted Soul-  Inspirational short stories from all sides of adoption.

3. Gathering The Missing Pieces of An Adopted Life- Christian perspective written by adoptee Kay Moore- She shares her own adoption story and reunion with her birth family. Then she writes on topics of adoption and at the end of each chapter she shares tips for adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents on the topic of that chapter.

4. Puppy Love- is a cute mini book with dustcover and a cute ribbon book mark with charm.


Kimberly Rav said...

I am an adoptee. When I saw the title, "Gathering The Missing Pieces of An Adopted Life", that sums it all up for me. I wanted to do that my whole life! Its funny but after meeting both birth parents as the author seems to have here, and Ive met other people like siblings (9) of them, 5 on my mothers side and 4 on my dads side, and meeting aunts ect...I still feel there are missing pieces. How can that be? Is it because I did not live with these people growing up? or Is it that my expectations of what I thought they would be when meeting them didnt fit my description....I dont know, anyway Id like to win Gathering The Missing Pieces of An Adopted Life, thanks Jody. BTW over the past few days, I kept visiting your site here but forgot to go to October so I was still watching Sept to see any new posts..oh dear lol

Connie said...

Adoption is always a good thing. It helps out the children to have a better life than what they had, and it helps the parents to recieve joy from caring for a child. :)

Jody Moreen said...

Hi Connie! Thanks for sharing here. Adoption is a life-giving option and is always the best option when looking at the alternative- abortion - the taking of a precious life God created. But for those birth parents who know and come to the painful conclusion that their circumstances or emotions are not ready to parent but truly wanted to and they may not have had the support or mentors or resources to help them parent it is best for the child in many cases. But the separation leaves an unbearable painful void and wound for the birth parent and longing that may in time lessen some but sadly for some is lifelong. Some birth parents years ago were forced to place children against their will which was very traumatic, regardless of whether they were too young and/or had circumstances too overwhelming to parent. Some have found good counsel and nurturing persons to help them progressively move toward more healing- but some have not or live with buried pain, regret and loss. And yes, adoption can be most beautiful when a birth parent truly wants to relinquish the child- but they still experience a profound loss and grief which for some never truly disappears. And for some adoptees, just like those not adopted- if the adoptive parents have extreme problems, are cruel or abusive, then its not a happy or safe environment for a child. I was fortunate like a good number of adoptees to be blessed with loving, caring and nurturing adoptive parents and adoption was a beautiful experience in almost every way for me and others. But sad for my birth mother who had cancer and a rocky marriage and limited finances to have to relinquish me. My birth father forced her to place me. I also went through a time in my life where I had to come to terms and have answers and process the feelings of loss of my birth parents and my cultural heritage and medical/genetic history. As you can see I have worked with many touched by adoption in support group work. A good number of them see adoption as the best in their circumstances in the big picture but I am sensitive to birth parents and adoptees who have had a very painful and an ongoing traumatic experience relating to adoption and don't view adoption as all beautiful. And YES a good number of adoptive parents have had a lovely experience and see the miracle of adoption and the gift of parenting. But some have struggled with children who have a myriad of emotional or physical problems and even if they see adoption as wonderful for giving them the gift of parenting- there can be great trials for some. This can also be true in families not touched by adoption for sure. So thankful we have the Lord to encourage and bring ongoing healing, hope and restoration to those who have unresolved grief, loss or trauma related to adoption. And thankful to good adoption related counseling and support group communities that encourage people to journey together in adoption celebrating joys and sorrows. I believe adoption is beautiful, but I know the mixed emotions and experiences people touched by it have experienced. Thanks for bearing with my lengthy response.

Jody Moreen said...

Thanks Kimberly for sharing your experience and question. Yes for many adoptees in the closed adoption era, and even some with open adoptions there is a desire to gather the missing pieces- information and some embark on planning reunions with birth family. As a support group leader I strive to prepare persons to have realistic thinking in that reunions may answer some questions which bring some closure but also may trigger more questions that may be unanswered. And there is no magic here- some reunions are lovely and beautiful for one party or the other- some have seasons and issues just like other relationships. In a number of cases- one party is not open to reunion due to many reasons. Unresolved loss and grief or shame or secrets or fear of rejection or from pressure from other family members. And death may be found at the end of a search which is very sad and traumatic for some. Just like any relationships, reunions have imperfect people meeting and navigating relationships. And yes, not having a shared history or similar life experience or lifestyle bring issues. Also our expectations can be dashed or one or both parties is expecting something that is unrealistic or fantasy thinking. Those that go in with open minds and hearts and maybe have read books on adoption issues and attended support groups or had counseling go better prepared into reunion. And those that recognize that reunions may play a piece in healing but cannot be expected to be perfect. Nothing in this life on this side of heaven can be perfect. Prayer and trusting in God to lead one patiently through this process of reunion, trusting God's timing and being sensitive to the other party and where they are at is best. Many grow through this experience and their faith and trust in God grow as they trust Him to lead and show them the way. Those that do not have fixed expectations and recognize the needs or readiness of the other person often have better outcomes. But we People are very complex beings and there is no fixed formula for success. God is the only one who can truly fill the empty places in our hearts and lives with His perfect unconditional love. But for some reunions are magical and successful ongoing and feel like a slice of heaven! Your experience Kimberly is not unusual. Thanks for listening! Jody